Band Practice The Podcast

Spotting Waldo is a unique trio of musicians turned podcasters. After years of grinding it out in the live music scene, the band turned its focus towards the internet and is currently working on their innovative music & comedy podcast, Band Practice. The show features conversations among the group, games, and segments, all interwoven by original Spotting Waldo music. Guest comedians and musicians are also invited to join the discussion and sit in with the band to put their musical skills on display. Band practice is a lot of fun. Silly, stupid fun. New original music created for each episode.

Spotting Waldo's music combines a driving, indie-approach with elements of americana, funk and their own brand of face-melting Rock & Roll. This band has developed a style that is full of variety and constantly evolving. Check here for the latest from the band.


Band Practice 6 – That Voice!

Spike AKA Symphonia shows off his bassy voice, Jack reviews Pretzel Boys, and Kyle pits Spike and Jack against each other in this week’s Waldo Game, ROLL CALL!
Kyle makes a temporary return from paternity leave. The boys address a PR nightmare and add a little production value to the show by composing the perfect theme song for Waldo game time.