This band has been turning heads for the better part of a decade.  In the early 2000's, Spotting Waldo set out with a "Play Anywhere, Anytime" attitude which lead to a myriad of diverse performances.  Concert venues, music festivals, nightclubs, dive bars, wineries, libraries, out-door raves, house parties, retirement parties, tea parties, key parties, Toyota-thons, and college campuses, Spotting Waldo has played them all. After years of traveling to all their gigs, Spotting Waldo embarked with an ambitious goal to find a happening venue and establish a residency as house band. Time would reveal the error of their plan when then the venue turned out to be a 3-bedroom house and their "residency" was achieved in the form of a 2-year lease.  The boys bounced back by deciding to return to their roots and focus on the music above everything else. Most recently, Spotting Waldo has taken to the studio and plunged into several ambitious projects, such as recording thier upcoming album and the launch of thier podcast: "Band Pactice: The Podcast."