Spotting Waldo, a sampler platter of music, has been rocking out tunes since…. Since… Well, I’m not really sure…  Anyway, we have been together for quite some time.    Spotting Waldo can be compared to a sampler platter because we don’t seem to stick to the usual “one song sounds like the rest” method that most bands try so hard for.  Isn’t a variety of songs with different styles and influences more entertaining than songs that sport just one style?   Maybe you just like rock.. Maybe you like jazz.. Maybe you like getting funky.. Maybe techno is your thing?   Maybe you like rock, funk, metal, jazz, and techno all at the same time but can’t seem to classify it into a “music category.”  Spotting Waldo can help you out.

So there you have it folks… you have found your delicious music meal.. Why should you settle for just plain old spaghetti? Instead, You could have Spotting Waldo’s Tour of Italy© which includes some rocking spaghetti, jazzy lasagna, and funky ravioli…  IT is what you desire..